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Technilux was created for the sole purpose of bringing together all of the elements necessary to deliver energy savings, operating cost reductions, fast, friendly and efficient service.

In today's complex world there are many possibilities when it comes to choosing the right lighting system. Understanding the client's needs is the first step to providing the best solution.

We strive to deliver world class technology through our team of professionals. Extensive lighting and market knowledge enable us to provide innovative lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications thus ensuring that our clients gain the best outcome.

We welcome opportunities to prove our commitment, and demonstrate how we can save you time and money.

Our business has and continues to be shaped by the following philosophies.

The journey is just as important as the final destination.

It's not just about making money - we all need a little fun and encouragement along the way

Little things can make a big difference

(Our goal is to make your experience with our company efficient and enjoyable) All of us have a limited amount of time, and we work hard to ensure we don't waste yours.

It's all about the long term

We seek to build trust through our actions overtime, allowing our clients to be totally confident with our products, services and lighting solutions. We don't see our clients as numbers, or corporations but rather as individuals that have an important job to do.

The real cost (The purchase price is just the beginning)

All products have an initial purchase price, together with a long term operating cost. Our marketing philosophy directs much of our efforts towards communicating the real cost over time.

Sound products with relevant features and benefits

From our beginnings and continuing into the future we strive to provide innovative lighting solutions that deliver a range of environmental benefits together with cost, maintenance and power savings.



Technilux Lighting
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  • Nunawading, Victoria, Australia
  • ABN 69 065 653 885
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