AlphaLED Lighting

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AlphaLED Lighting

AlphaLED Lighting

AlphaLED is a range of premium LED luminaires from UK that comes complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Light Engine

AlphaLED(Xicato led module)'s unique light is found in its patented technologies, which enable AlphaLED's light to be dimmed by any system, to render colour beautifully, to maintain colour quality for life and most importantly, evoke a positive response when it’s turned on.

AlphaLED Lighting-Light Engine
AlphaLED Lighting-Lumen Maintenance

Lumen Maintenance

AlphaLED guarantees a maximum of 5% lumen loss across the installation after 5 years.

Alphaled Installations

AlphaLED products have been successfully installed in thousands of applications and also left a outsatnding performance record.

AlphaLED Lighting-Installations
AlphaLED Lighting-Colour Rendering

Colour Rendering

AlphaLED's Xicato module carefully controls LED and phosphor specifications to deliver great colour rendering that’s appropriate for the lighting task.

Colour Consistency

The light from every source changes colour over time. How that change is perceived can be strikingly different when it comes to the technology of the light source and the design of the lighting installation.

AlphaLED Lighting-5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

AlphaLED is the first luminaire that not only guarantees long life, but also guarantees the quality and quantity of light for the first 5 years.

Made in UK

AlphaLED is an award winning LED fixtures brand from UK. Successfully launched in 2008.

AlphaLED Lighting-Made in UK
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