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Best Practice Lighting Case Studies - Case B

Lighting Case Study

Transfield Services - 311 Glenferrie Road, Malvern
Transfield Services is a leading international provider of operations, maintenance, asset management and project management services across diverse industries, including mining and process, hydrocarbons, roads, rail and public transport, water, power, telecommunications, facilities management and defence. The key objective of the project was to build an environmentally responsible building that Transfield would be proud to showcase to its clients.
Transfield aimed to transform their lighting installation into a state of the art automated system that would prevent the lighting from remaining on for 24 hours a day, and sometimes 7 days a week, as had been the case with this building for some time.

Features of Sustainable Lighting

- The existing light fittings were T8 fluorescents with standard iron-core ballasts and ULB diffusers. These were not replaced due to the high payback period associated with new fittings

- The lighting systems consists of motion detectors installed across the whole office area to ensure lights are only turned on when and where required and more importantly turned off when the area was no longer occupied

-Approximately every four luminaires in the general office space have a dedicated motion sensor which controls the lighting based on motion in its local area

- Occupants are able to control overhead lights to best suit their needs

- In order to keep disruption to the operation to a minimum the system was installed and wired after hours effectively over two weekends, using a soft wiring system


Transfield reduced their annual lighting energy consumption by 63% as a result of this installation

They reduced ongoing energy and maintenance costs by $18,000 per annum within a payback period of 2.4 years

《Guide to Sustainable Office Lighting》

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