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New understanding of lighting in school

New understanding of lighting in school

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) recently published a new version of its Lighting Guide 5: Lighting for Education. Much has changed since the last edition was printed in 1991 – not just the technologies available, but knowledge about the human psyche, changes in learning methods and the use of teaching spaces.

School Illumination Audit

School Illumination Audit

The environment is everything around you – the ground that you are standing on, the trees that you sit under to shade you, the water that you swim in and clean with and the air that you breathe. For schools, students spend most of their time in certain inside space. Lighting is one of the most important elements of evaluating the school environment. Let's start have a discussion of the questions listed below:

Guide to School Lighting

School Lighting Guide

Lighting typically accounts for at least 50% of a school’s electricity consumption. TYPES OF LIGHTS Fluorescent Lamps Fluorescent lamps have a life of between 8000–16 000 hours and present the most efficient form of artificial interior lighting available. They are the most common form of lighting in schools and are usually mounted in a fitting (called a luminaire) comprising a reflector and diffuser.

Lighting Sources for School Uses

Lighting Sources for School

Lighting is and always has been an important factor in designing and operating schools. Until the 1950s, natural light predominated as a means of illuminating most school spaces. Classroom design was based in large part on time-honored relationships between window sizes and room dimensions.

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