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90% of the purchasing is made at the point of sale!

Over the last two decades, the retail environment has drastically changed, with retailers looking for an edge in a competitive marketplace. As 90% of the consumer purchasing is made at the point of sale, the look and feel of their respective products needs to stand out above the rest.

Lighting is a major part in the presentation of store merchandise. With the correct lighting, products can look vibrant, colorful, and exciting. Lighting should be considered as much a sales tool as in store advertising. It can be used to entice customers to enter into the store, direct them into specific areas, and excite the customer about a specific product. All whilst conveying specific moods and enhancing store themes.

Day lighting has been shown to provide a satisfying visual environment that can support retail sales; store owners are more aware of the costs associated with the cost of lighting per sale, and are now seeking out savings through either new technology, or efficient lighting products.

The quality of light is also very important, and factors such as color quality, distribution and glare must be addressed. It is critical to think of light in three dimensions, as the task of lighting products not only includes horizontal merchandising, but also can involve vertical display walls, and even the ability to make customers appear flattering in fitting rooms.

Most retail lighting is either static or kinetic. The static approach to lighting is where fixtures are permanent and provide a general pattern of illumination which follows the merchandise layout. With kinetic lighting, fixtures can be aimed and moved to support of requirements that of the merchandising goal. The strategy associated generally determines the type of lighting system used in the store.

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