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The moisture-proof luminaire FR IP65 is available in installation lengths of 1,270 mm and 1,570 mm. It is equipped with LED T5 lamps in a length of 1,149 mm or 1,449 mm respectively and will be supplied with electronic ballasts.

Setek LED is a light fixture that due to its elegant lines and its small size, is perfectly integrated into any space, whether outside or inside business applications, such as industrial, signage or street lighting.

Totally versatile in its conception, it can be supplied with different powers, color temperatures (including RGBW controlled by DMX) and paint finishes.

Technilux Semicon LED Tube draw on the combination of glass and light that has proven its worth for decades. G8 and G13 socket are both compatible with it. Life time has been rated at 55,000 hours and Technilux is offering 6 year factory warranty for it. Terms and conditions might be applied.

Technilux T8 LED Tube is built with integrated driver. It can be applied in retail shops, office, galleries, public buildings, hotels, transportations, car parks, warehouses etc.

Different length, wattage and colour temperature options are available.

  • Suitable for magnetic ballast only
  • Not suitable to be used in emergency luminaire
  • Only to be used with provided starter: LTS-DLQ01
  • Single ended input

Delivering a warm, halogen/incandescent-like accent beam, MASTER LED lamp is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and general lighting applications in the hospitality industry. It is particularly suited to public areas such as receptions, lobbies, corridors, stairwells and washrooms, where the light is on all the time. The robustly designed MASTER LED has a clearly defined beam spread. There is no UV or IR in the beam, making it suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects (food, organic materials, paintings, etc.).

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