Our economical and extremely bright range of hi-bay replacements suitable for industrial workplaces will deliver outstanding cost savings. The EFL is lightweight for easy installation and packs a genuine punch at 150 lumens per watt of energy. It’s incredibly sturdy and built with a vibration resistant design to withstand a diverse range of environments. Rated to IP65 it comes in an attractive anodized finish with optional shade accessory to eliminate glare. The cover is polycarbonate for use in areas glass is not allowed. Available in 70w, 80w, 100w, 130w & 150w LED lighting packages and warm, cool or daylight colour temps. Mounting via ceiling bracket, chain or pipe.


GigaTera EFL Series LED Flood & Bay Lighting:

Optimised Distribution

The EFL series has optimized lighting distribution to suit a variety of heights and applications.

Light Weight Structure

The light weight structure of the EFL series means ease of installation and replacement.

Cooling Technology

With quality heat sinks, high grade aluminum and an intelligent design to promote natural convection the EFL series extends its life way beyond the norm.

Affordable Solution

The EFL series has been designed as an affordable lighting service & solution for low bay lighting, so you can have a quality product at an excellent price.

Outstanding Durability

Designed with corrosion, weathering and rough handling in mind the EFL series undergoes a variety of stress tests to ensure it meets all are requirements needed and more.

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