When LED was relatively new in the commercial lighting sector, not everyone was convinced the technology was suitable for sports applications. We were skeptical as well, but knew it was incumbent on us to see where the technology could go.

No stadiums or televised sports events had switched to LED lights at this stage, so when there was an opportunity to be a part of the first HDTV broadcast event using LED sports lighting fixtures we rose to the challenge. After both Channel 7 & 9 completed their camera tests our product was the only LED left in the race!

The completion of this project was the start of something exciting and new. Since then the feedback from some of the best tennis players in the world, many of which had never played under LED Tennis lighting before saying they could really notice the improvement over metal halide.

LED Tennis Court Lighting was just the beginning, now we continue to provide LED upgrades to many local sports facilities including bowls, hockey, netball & more. Please contact us today to get sports lighting solutions & fixtures.

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