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Pole mountable LED Sports Floodlights made with quality components for a long lifetime in Australian conditions. This range of luminaires is built to suit the budgets of local sports clubs looking to improve light levels and uniformity while saving up to 60% of the energy costs associated with metal halide systems. With no warm up time for instant on high brightness and no lamps to change, LED keeps people enjoying night time sports like bowls and tennis for longer. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter you can make your courts with our X-Series Sports Lights.


X-Series LED Flood Lighting:

Flexible Installation Options

The X-series is designed to mount easily to existing cross arms and brackets and uses component manufacturing techniques allowing us to match light level and uniformity requirements based on pole locations originally designed for metal halide systems.

Powerful LED

The X-series utilises a unique reflector technology to distribute light which improves not only efficacy but also allows the X-series to be aimed with extreme accuracy.

Sports Orientated

The X-series is a high powered floodlight that can illuminate small to large sports fields. It has a resistance rating of IK08.

Excellent Light Distribution

Throughout the different models and specifications of the X-Series there is a variety of beam distributions (asymmetric, symmetric) all which have been designed to maximise illumination while minimising light pollution and glare.

Outstanding Durability

Designed with corrosion, weathering and rough handling in mind the X-series undergoes a variety of stress tests to ensure it meets all are requirements needs and more.

Replacement for HID Floodlight

The X-series was designed to replace metal halide sports lighting systems with the aim of improving light levels and uniformity while reducing electricity use.

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