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Surface mountable asymmetric wide LED flood made for external applications such as Billboards, Security Lighting, Landscapes, Building Facades and architectural features. Narrow dimensions to enable discreet mounting locations with tilt and swivel bracket. Rugged construction with cast aluminum and tempered glass, powder coated neutral grey. Superb efficiency and wide operating temperature range (-30c +60c). A multi-functional area flood available in three lumen packages in cool or daylight colour temps. Wireless control or daylight sensor options available on request as Industrial Lighting Fixtures.


WAPA Series LED Flood Lighting:

Unrivaled Efficacy

The WAPA series harnesses the reflector technology to produce unrivaled efficiency and efficacy, up to 145lm/W.

Powerful LED and Reflecter Technology

The WAPA series utilises a unique reflector technology to distribute light which improves not only efficacy but also allows the WAPA to be aimed with extreme accuracy.

Cooling Technology

With quality heat sinks, high grade alliminium and an intelligent design to promote natural convection the WAPA series extends its life way beyond the norm.

Excellent Light Distribution

Throughout the different models and specifications of the WAPA series there is a variety of beam distributions all which have been designed to maximise illumnation while minimising light pollution and glare.

Outstanding Durability

Designed with corrosion, weathering and rough handling in mind the WAPA series undergoes a variety of stress tests to ensure it meets all are requirements needs and more.

Replacement for HID Floodlight

The WAPA series was designed specifically to replace its metal halide counterpart while providing a 60% reduction in ongoing power costs.

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