LED Downlight System

In retail lighting, most of the store owner use TLE downlight series for accent lighting, general/ambient lighting, decorative lighting and task lighting. The Technilux (TLE) downlight series comes with many different diameters, light intensities and light distribution. This allows you to choose a perfect model for different architectural requirements.


Advantages Over Other Lighting

  • Thermally engineered heatsink is robust and offers cooler operation
  • Twist and lock interchangeable mounting rings
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Visual comfort

TLE R-Series

The reflector and diffuser is for anti-glare lighting effect

3 Types of Optics for Different Applications

Once installed the 8D and 8F from the E-Lite range are IP65 rated, for protection against dust, moisture & insects. Perfect for internal installation. Our 8R models are IP40 rated for protection against solid objects

TLE D-Series

The D-Series with reflector is for high ceilings and accent

TLE F-Series

Includes a diffuser making it the perfect solution for general flood lighting

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